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  • The Scarless Hair Transplant

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    Traditionally large circular grafts were used in hair transplant surgery which created row upon row of unnatural, plugged hair. Now treatments have progressed producing a much more natural look. One of them using tools and procedures that ends up with the scarless hair transplant making it virtually impossible to tell that any procedure has taken place.

    Whereas in strip harvesting where a linear scar is generally left because a long piece of the scalp is removed and the remaining skin is sutured together so the hair removed can be placed in the balding areas, unit extraction uses a small round punch to extract follicular units of three or four hairs which are transplanted into the balding areas. Patients are left with small circles which heal quickly leaving only small white dots which are barely detectable, hence the name a scarless hair transplant.

    Obviously no hair restoration surgery will be completely scarless, it is just less obvious with the unit extraction surgery. The small white dots left become hardly visible to the naked eye once fully healed which is why it claims to be a scarless hair transplantation.

    The patient not only benefits from a ‘lack of a scar’, it also does not cause tightness to the scalp as there are no sutures however it is a more costly and time consuming procedure as the units are taken out one at a time and transplanted into the hairline individually.

    By talking to one of our highly trained and skilled members of our team here at Inspire Cosmetics, you will be able to discuss any concerns you have and they will be able to advise you of the best treatments available.

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  • Cellulite Laser Treatment

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    So you know that you have cellulite and that you want to get rid of it, but just how do you do this? Well there are a few different options that you have, but if you have tried one cellulite treatment cream after another and find that you are just not getting the results that you want then you are going to want to make the move and do something more serious.

    No woman wants to have cellulite on any part of her body, and especially with the hot summer weather coming up where you are going to want to wear a bikini and flaunt your body, of course you are not going to want to be embarrassed by cellulite.

    Of course eating a healthy diet and making sure to get lots of exercise is also going to play a major role here, but there is the option of cellulite laser treatment as well, and cellulite laser treatment may be the perfect option to get things started for you here.


    The Procedure

    The cellulite laser treatment is quickly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic procedures of all. With the cellulite laser treatment, a laser is used to reduce or even completely eliminate the look of cellulite from off the thighs, buttocks and other areas of the body.

    This treatment does not take long at all, and you can actually go right back to work or your regular daily life after it. Just make sure that you talk to your doctor first and make sure that you are an eligible candidate, and think about it seriously before going through with it. You also have to mind the fact that because this is a cosmetic procedure in Sydney, insurance is not going to cover it and so if you want to have it done then you are going to need to pay for it out of your own pocket.

    The cost of the procedure can be quite high, and you are going to need to discuss this and the other important issues with the Sydney surgeon before going through with it.

    The cellulite laser treatment is only really considered as a last option after you have tried different lotions and other less serious treatments and had no luck. At least it is nice to know that even if the lotions and potions that are out there don’t work, you can get the laser treatment and get rid of your cellulite once and for all.

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  • Vitamins To Maintain and improve Hair

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    As with every function of the body, proper nutrition is vital to aid normal hair growth. Hair follicles found in the skin of your scalp are responsible for the process of hair growth and shedding and this hair growth needs the right mix of vitamins, minerals, and fuels to perform its job properly.

    If you provide your body with a diet full of nutrient-packed fruits, fresh vegetables and lean proteins it can help reach it’s optimal function. Vitamin supplements may be needed however in some individuals.

    Blood circulates throughout the body bringing energy, vitamins, minerals and oxygen to the cells that are in the hair follicles. These substances help the cells to produce new hair. Under optimal conditions the cells gives a signal to the follicles to release the old hair to make room for new growth.

    If the body’s system lacks the important nutrients they need then the cells in the hair follicle will not be able to perform their task properly. Poor circulation is one example of how hair loss can occur. A  lack of water or iron can result in the hair follicles getting less blood and fewer nutrients than they actually need.

    A multivitamin every day is not enough alone to help with premature hair loss or thinning hair but it may help improve the health of the body making it’s various system’s function more efficiently. Combining a healthy diet (by increasing your intake of the nutrients needed) and changing to a healthier  lifestyle you can assist the hair growth process.

    Foods when combined with vitamins and minerals may help in reducing the severity of hair loss.

    So the optimum amount of nutrients are delivered to the hair follicle, good circulation  is required. A good level of iron is needed as iron aids circulation. If there is not an adequate supply of iron then hair can become dry, brittle and undernourished.

    Usually this results in the shedding of hair and an increase in the breakage of hair strands. Increasing your diet with plenty of vegetables such spinach the risk can be decreased.

    Alternatively there are iron supplements you can take.

    Copper (a mineral ) keeps hair healthy by strengthening the hair follicle which is then able to reduce the risk of premature hair loss or shedding. Copper is found naturally in whole milk and nuts but may also be taken as a supplement.

    Zinc in low levels has been associated with premature hair loss. An increase in your daily intake of this mineral through the consumption of whole grains or a supplement can help ward off hair shedding.

    Vitamin B, C and E can aid your body increase it’s health. The vitamin B group can promote hair colour, strength and resilience while Vitamin C can boost the blood supply to the hair follicle as it helps promote healthy capillaries. Vitamin E can make the hair follicle stronger so increasing hair growth.

    If high levels are consummed of some vitamins and minerals they can be very dangerous to the body, so seeking advice from a doctor is always recommended before starting or increasing any nutritional supplements. Your doctor can recommend the right supplement and correct dosage for your current situation.

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